We didn’t run into any of the rude Parisians that I’ve been hearing about all of my life. This may be because Mrs. C is fluent in French so she could carry on a complete conversation as I stood next to her and nodded at what I thought to be appropriate times. I’m fairly certain that they thought I was deaf/mute. Which I basically was under those circumstances. I can read French enough to understand signs and get a gist of subtitles but I’m at a loss when it comes to understanding what someone is saying. I should have carried around a whiteboard for any interactions I had when Mrs. C selfishly left me at a restaurant table alone so that she could use the bathroom.

I really enjoyed the cafes in Paris. Especially apƩritifs!! But being able to sit down in a cafe facing the street and slowing things down a bit while you watch the world around you moving was something I really enjoyed.

I’ll do another post soon about where I ate since the restaurants in Paris really deserve a post of their own.

We bought the Paris Museum Pass which may or may not save you much in terms of money, but in terms of waiting in line it is invaluable. The lines at the museums and sights to buy tickets can be awful. The museum pass lets you bypass that line. The only time we had to wait in line at all was for Versailles and that’s because all ticket holders have to go through security.

We stayed in two hotels. The Le Meridien which was a few minutes walk north of the Arc de Triomphe and had the advantage of being right on the 1 Metro line, and L’Hotel Academie which was in St. Germain and a few minutes walk to the Louvre. L’Hotel Academie had an awesome old Parisian vibe to it and was just in an almost perfect location.

We got to do the Louvre three times (I’m only good in an art museum for about 2 hours before I get fatigued) and I still think I only saw about 2% of it. We also got to see Musee d’Orsay which isn’t quite as famous as the Louvre but is housed in a beautiful old train station and I actually recognized a lot more of the art (Van Gogh, Monet, Whistler).

We took the Bateaux Mouche cruise on the Seine at night (which in Paris is late, about 10pm) and recommend them highly. We did it on our first night and was an awesome introduction to the sights on the Seine.

And more to come tomorrow…