Events Leading Up to the Manhunt

From Time:

Everyone expected the perpetrators of the Boston marathon bombing to have fled the area soon after the attack. But just hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation released their photos, the two suspects were apparently tracked to Watertown, a western suburb of Boston, where one was killed and one remains at large. One police officer is dead and another has been badly wounded as authorities mount a massive manhunt to find the remaining “terrorist.” The T subway line, one of the metropolitan area’s main arteries, was shut down while tens of thousands of residents in the affected communities were ordered to stay home. Everyone in Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston proper have been told to stay inside with their doors locked.

The Associated Press reported that the two suspects came from the Russian region near Chechnya. The AP said the duo had been living legally in the U.S. for at least a year. TIME has not been able to confirm the allegation.

The dramatic events began Thursday night at about 10:30pm when a 7-Eleven minimart in Cambridge was robbed. The suspects in that robbery caught on the 7-Eleven cameras match the descriptions of Suspects 1 and 2 in the Boston marathon bombings sought by the FBI, police said. Soon after, the suspects allegedly shot and killed a Massacusetts Institute of Technology cop and carjacked a Mercedes SUV.

Massive Manhunt in Boston

This is just crazy. Boston has pretty much shutdown. The entire MBTA has shut down including commuter trains and buses. The city of Watertown has been closed to incoming and outgoing traffic. Schools have closed for the day. Residents of Cambridge, Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, and Allston-Brighton are asked to stay home and businesses in those cities were asked to remain closed.

The photo above is from a twitter account from someone in Watertown who woke up to this in her backyard.

Alleged video from a resident in Watertown of the shootout (or at least the sounds of a shootout)

Here’s a link to the police and fire scanners for the affected areas.

This appears to be the suspect Djohar Tsarnaev’s russian facebook equivalent page.

Update 8:20am
From @Boston_Police All taxi service in the City of Boston has been suspended pending further notice.

Update 8:33am:

From @Boston_Police