Afternoon Garden Thread

Thanks to Andrejo who sent in these beautiful pictures of his rooftop garden. (Click on the pics for larger size)

This is my garden on top of the building at which I live. On 50 square meters I cultivate all sort of plants: corn, beans, salads, potato, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, egg-plant, basil, broccoli, sage and others. The technic that I use in the garden are solely organic, I try to create fertile soil without using chemical fertilizers and cultivate plant without pesticides or herbicides.

Because it is very dry up there I use malch – hay, grass and all biowaste from the garden to cover the ground and reduce water supply in the soil.

Hitchhiker Writing Book Called ‘The Kindness of America’ is Shot By Driver

Hey may have to change title a bit:

A West Virginia man who told authorities that he was hitchhiking across the country and writing a memoir about kindness was injured in a seemingly random drive-by shooting near Montana’s booming Bakken oil patch.

Ray Dolin, 39, was shot in the arm as he approached a pickup on Saturday evening thinking the driver was offering him a ride, said Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier.

The shooting took place about three miles west of Glasgow, along rural U.S. Highway 2, a major route into and out of the oil patch.

A 52-year-old Washington man, Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, was arrested about four hours later near Culbertson. Authorities say the suspect was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They released no motive in the shooting.

“He was sitting down to have a little lunch, and this guy drives up. He thought he was going to give him a ride, and, as he approached the vehicle, the guy pulls out his weapon and shoots him. It’s as simple as that,” Meier said.