Happy Fun OS X Upgrade Night

My wife has an iMac with Tiger installed on it (I know, I know) It’s been fine for what she uses it for (music, web browsing, word processing) so we waited on upgrading it. But it’s reached the point that Firefox and other programs are complaining and won’t update. So we tried to get an upgrade to the latest which is Lion. Nope. Can’t do it. So we tried to get an upgrade do Snow Leopard. Wrong again. You are only supposed to upgrade Tiger to Leopard before upgrading to the other versions. Ok fine. We asked the nice guy at the Apple store to direct us to Leopard so we could buy it. “Oh, I’m sorry. We don’t sell that at all. You’re going to have to get it off eBay and once you manage to find a copy somewhere out in the wild, you THEN can upgrade to Snow Leopard and Lion.”


Anyway, after some googling, other procrastinators said they just bought the $30 upgrade disk to Snow Leopard and had no problems bringing Tiger up to speed with that disk alone.

Which we just did. No problems upgrading it. Thanks Apple for making something so simple seem so fucking difficult.