Whatcha Reading?

I’m currently 90 pages in on Doomsday Book and I’m about to throw in the towel. Not sure how this book even got published in the first place, never mind winning a Hugo and Nebula Award. The first 60 pages cover an argument that is so redundant that I had to go back and make sure my copy wasn’t just repeating the same pages over again. If anybody else has read this and can reassure me that it gets better I’ll go on. But under protest.

I finally caved and got an iPad and spent last night hanging out at feedbooks.com downloading a library of books from the public domain. Where do you go for your ebooks?

Catholic Cardinal Authorized $20K To Pay Off Pedophile Priests, Then Railed Against ‘Immorality’ Of Gay Marriage

From Think Progress:

Cardinal Timothy Dolan has led the charge against same-sex marriage, describing gay and lesbian unions as “unjust,” “immoral,” and unnatural. “This is a very violation of what we consider natural law that’s embedded in every man and woman and we’re really worried as Americans that it’s going to be detrimental to the common good,” Dolan said in a radio interview in June, as New York prepared to legalize marriage equality. “[W]e still worry about the detrimental effect upon society, upon culture, and certainly upon our individual churches.”

But church documents showing that Dolan paid off priests who had been accused of sexually abusing minors suggest that the prominent Catholic leader was willing to overlook these very same religious convictions to help colleagues accused of egregious wrong doing. The documents, obtained by the New York Times, also show that Dolan lied to reporters when he initially dismissed news of the payments as “false, preposterous and unjust”: