Pastor Protests Starbucks’ Gay Marriage Stance by Buying Their Coffee

I don’t think this guy quite understands that a boycott means you DON’T buy their products.

Dump Starbucks Stock: Here’s the quick video that Bob Enyart & co-host Doug McBurney yesterday said they would shoot. Bob takes note of the burgeoning DUMP STARBUCKS boycott campaign stemming from Starbuck’s aggressive promotion of all things immoral. Bob took the Venti (20 oz) Pike coffee he had purchased on the way to the studio and instead of drinking it…


Looks like this pastor has been previously convicted of child abuse.

Gov. Jan Brewer Signs New Law That Takes Debt Collectors’ Word For How Much You Owe

From Crooks and Liars:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has approved legislation making it easier for debt collectors to go after defaulting consumers and small businesses.

Brewer signed House Bill 2664 into law today. The measure allows collection agencies to use final billing statements as a basis to show amounts owed and interest rates as they seek court judgments and wage garnishments.

The bill was favored by debt collectors, which buy delinquent accounts from banks and credit card companies for pennies on the dollar, but receive only minimal information from those sources. It can be difficult and expensive for the collection companies to get additional information on the defaulting consumers and business owners.

Debt collectors’ business model depends on them collecting money from the account holders whose information they buy. The new state law makes it easier on them if they can obtain final billing statements from the banks and credit card issuers.