Senate Denies Abortion Coverage to Rape Victims


The Senate decided last week to keep in place a policy that denies abortion coverage for military rape victims who became pregnant as a result of their sexual assault. Female service members who fight and die for their country are not extended the same rights as civilian government employees, who can use their government-funded insurance to pay for abortion if they’re victims of rape or incest, or even rape survivors in prison who receive government-funded abortion coverage.

News Station Reports on Obama’s Kids School Serving Asian Food on Pearl Harbor Day

The menu actually consists of Americanized asian food but we won’t let a little thing like facts get in the way with our irrational sensationalism:

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — What are President Obama’s kids eating at school on Pearl Harbor day? Japanese food and other Asian items.

Sidwell Friends School’s website shows the menu for Wednesday December 7th, 2011, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, as an Asian food day.

Pearl Harbor Day is a time of remembrance for Americans. On December 7th, 1941, thousands of Americans died in a sneak attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor Navy base in Hawaii. An attack that thrust the U.S. into World War II.

It was the bloodiest foreign attack on U.S. soil in the modern war era, until the September 11th attacks in 2001.

Here are the options for Malia Obama and her sister, Sasha on the “Day that will live in Infamy:”
Asian Mushroom Soup
Oriental Noodle Salad
Classic Spinach Salad
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Strips
Szechuan Tofu & Veggies
Garlic Roasted Edamame
Vegetable Fried Rice
Fortune Cookies

A conservative blog picked up the story and the comments there are pretty much what you would expect:

It just keeps getting worse. If we continue the way we are going we will ,in a short time, have no identity of our own as Americans. Why would a school honor the country that caused such devastation and loss of life to the United States of America. I would remove my children from that school immediately!

God bless Grandpa’s soul (capitalization intentional with respect). At least his legacy lives on in you and yours!

Those ARE some nappy-headed bi+ches though. Gotta love that First Amendment (second one is quite excellent as well).

This is Meechelle’s Childhood Obesity Program. She wants kids starving while trying to use chopsticks.

Are you kidding? Wow…‘s no wonder this country is in the shape it’s in. An Asian-inspired menu on Pearl Harbor Day. Do you see hamburgers, hot dogs or apple pie? Or just regular chicken strips, a side salad? Hey…….they could have gone with poi, pineapple and banana cream pie.

(via Poor Mojo)