TSA Hates Limpers

Cynic Sam shares her TSA story:

Just flew from KCI to ORD yesterday. I managed to tear my tendon & meniscus on my right knee, and thus was in a knee brace and on crutches. I can barely walk with the crutches, let alone without the brace. I limped through the metal detector, my brace set it off. They made me remove the brace, and then I hopped/gimped through the detector. The gal operating the metal detector seemed really apologetic and held my hand as I re-applied my brace. Then, another TSA agent came up and said, “If she can’t walk normally through the gate, she needs to be patted down” So, then I had to hop to the pat-down area without my brace, get the enhanced pat down (basically getting my very painful and swollen knee groped repeatedly) and then hobble back to my crutches.

Limpers = Enemies of Freedom.