What Kind of “Doctor” is Marcus Bachmann?

While we’re on the subject:

On the web site of Bachmann and Associates, readers are invited to “meet Dr. Marcus Bachmann” who’s been “a clinical therapist in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years.” But what kind of “doctor” is Marcus Bachmann and where did he get his degree? In his bio Bachmann lists a masters degree from Pat Robertson’s Regent University in Virginia. The bio also lists a “PhD – Clinical Psychology, Union Graduate School, OH.” As blogger JARS points out in a well-researched post, the punctuation he uses is “PhD,” which should be Ph.D.” Okay, that could be just a style choice, as a commenter points out, and people do use both. But it’s important because he may or may not have a doctor of philosophy in clinical psychology. And the Union Graduate School no longer exists. Bachmann got a doctoral degree in something from a shady university that came under scrutiny from the Ohio Board of Regents and whose graduate school was dissolved