Ben Stein Responds To IMF Chief’s Arrest By Blaming The Alleged Victim

From Think Progress:

Conservative economic guru and former Nixon and Ford speechwriter Ben Stein took up the disgraced IMF chief’s case in a column in the American Spectator. Stein wrote, “What do we know about the complainant besides that she is a hotel maid?” After expressing confidence in her character — “I am sure she is a fine woman” — he proceeded to suggest exactly the opposite:

On the other hand, I have had hotel maids that were complete lunatics, stealing airline tickets from me, stealing money from me, throwing away important papers, stealing medications from me. How do we know that this woman’s word was good enough to put Mr. Strauss-Kahn straight into a horrific jail?

Stein also sharply questioned the maid’s allegation, insinuating that she was a willing partner and suggesting that someone can only really be sexually assaulted if a gun or knife is involved:

The prosecutors say that Mr. Strauss-Kahn “forced” the complainant to have oral and other sex with him. How? Did he have a gun? Did he have a knife? He’s a short fat old man. They were in a hotel with people passing by the room constantly, if it’s anything like the many hotels I am in. How did he intimidate her in that situation? And if he was so intimidating, why did she immediately feel un-intimidated enough to alert the authorities as to her story?