Scott Adams is Still a Tool

When he’s not busy comparing women to children and the mentally disabled, he’s commenting on blogs using a fake name to talk about what a genius Scott Adams is.

Scott Adams, creator of the great comic strip Dilbert, is sort of a prick. He is a horrible boss, and recently penned a charming misogynist rant comparing women to children begging for candy. Now we learn he likes to bash critics on message boards under a pseudonym.

For months, Adams has been pretending to be the world’s biggest Scott Adams fan under the handle “PlannedChaos.” (Planned Chaos is a book by Austrian economist and libertarian hero Ludwig von Mises.) Today, he fessed up to his sockpuppetry.

It started with a thread on link-sharing community MetaFilter about Adams’ Wall Street Journal op-ed on how awesome and successful he is even though he didn’t get straight-As in school. Some people said mean things about the article, suggesting Scott Adams wrote like someone who has “actually convinced himself… that he’s the smartest guy in the room.”

That’s when “PlannedChaos” weighed in, furiously defending Adams: