Alaskan Rep. Takes 12-Hour Boat Ride After Refusing TSA Search

Fuck TSA:

(Newser) – An Alaskan state lawmaker opted to spend 12 hours on a ferry home instead of submitting to what she described as an “invasive” TSA search at a Seattle airport. Sharon Cissna, a Democrat, says she was told she would have to be patted down after a body scan displayed the scars from her breast cancer, AP reports. TSA regulations state that officers “will need to see and touch your prosthetic device, cast, or support brace as part of the screening process.”

“Facing the agent I began to remember what my husband and I’d decided after the previous intensive physical search. That I never had to submit to that horror again!” Cissna said. “It would be difficult, we agreed, but I had the choice to say no, this twisted policy did not have to be the price of flying to Juneau.”

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