Reporter Hospitalized After Grammy’s Report

From the NY Daily News:

Serene Branson was broadcasting live outside the Staples Center for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles, and was set to share the “highlights and backstage coverage” from the music awards, according to anchorman Paul Magers.

Things went wrong, however, when the newscast cut to Branson, as her speech slurred and words became incomprehensible.

“Well, a very, very heavy burtation tonight,” she starts to say, but her words quickly melt into indecipherable sounds.

She struggles to speak for nearly 10 seconds, clearly aware she is having problems, before the video cuts away to pre-recorded Grammy coverage.

Branson was taken to the hospital after the broadcast according to a report from London’s Daily Telegraph. She received two Emmy nominations and previously worked as a journalist for KCAL 9 in Sacramento.