A Subpoena Is Waiting For Ted Williams

From The Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 26–Now that Ted Williams has reportedly made an early exit from a Texas drug treatment facility, Ohio police may find it easier to subpoena the golden-throated overnight sensation to testify in a drug case filed against his girlfriend.

In May, Williams, 53, and Kathleen Chambers, 49, were traveling in a car driven by a second man when the vehicle was pulled over by a cop who spotted Chambers throwing a lit cigarette from the passenger window.

During the traffic stop, a Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputy “noticed that inside the car was the smell of burnt crack cocaine,” according to a police report. Deputy Tim Winebrenner, who noted that Chambers was “making a lot of movements that suggested she was shoving something in between the seats,” recovered a crack pipe between the passenger seat and the car’s center console. “The silver tube was still warm to the touch,” the investigator added.

When Winebrenner also found a silver pill box containing several rocks of crack cocaine, Chambers was arrested. After being placed in a patrol car, Chambers “kept telling me that she had never seen those items before,” reported Winebrenner. While claiming ownership of the pill container, Chambers claimed “the stuff inside was not.” She contended that “someone had gone through her purse…and must have put that stuff in there.”