Cops Probe IHOP Melee Caught On Tape

From the Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 25–South Carolina cops are attempting to identify the participants in a wild brawl early Saturday at an International House of Pancakes, video of which has gone viral online.

As seen in the below clip–which includes some cursing–the female combatants are seen punching and wrestling with each other as tables are toppled. At one point, a woman picks up a coffee pot and strikes another woman in the head while she is being pinned to a table. Later, a man is seen swinging a cane at the woman who was struck with the coffee pot. The woman, adopting a lion tamer’s pose, picks up a chair and tosses it at the cane wielder.

This wasn’t an easy video to find on YouTube. A search for “IHOP Fight” returns 5 million different videos.

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