TSA Pays Off In Breast Exposure Suit

From The Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 13–The woman who sued the Transportation Security Administration after her breasts were exposed during a frisking at a Texas airport will receive a “nominal” payment from the government as part of a legal settlement, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The settlement was disclosed in documents filed last week in U.S. District Court in Amarillo, where Lynsie Murley last year filed a lawsuit accusing the TSA of negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress in connection with the May 2008 incident at the Corpus Christi airport.

Murley’s lawyer, Jerry McLaughlin, declined to disclose the exact amount of money that his client is receiving, but termed the payout a “nominal settlement.” Asked if the amount hit six figures, McLaughlin laughed loudly and said the negotiated payment was “way less than that. It wasn’t a whole lot of money.” Murley, he said, “was never interested in the money,” and would not have filed a lawsuit if TSA officials had simply sent her a letter of apology.

Tea Party Backed School Board in NC Abolishes Integration Policy

From the Washington Post:

But over the past year, a new majority-Republican school board backed by national tea party conservatives has set the district on a strikingly different course. Pledging to “say no to the social engineers!” it has abolished the policy behind one of the nation’s most celebrated integration efforts.

And as the board moves toward a system in which students attend neighborhood schools, some members are embracing the provocative idea that concentrating poor children, who are usually minorities, in a few schools could have merits – logic that critics are blasting as a 21st-century case for segregation.

The situation unfolding here in some ways represents a first foray of tea party conservatives into the business of shaping a public school system, and it has made Wake County the center of a fierce debate over the principle first enshrined in the Supreme Court’s 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education: that diversity and quality education go hand in hand.

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Blog Updates

I’ve been working with my host today to clean my blog of any malicious scripts that were added. Yesterday, I received a few emails that a visit to my blog was setting off their anti-virus software. I found that some of my files had been broken into and they had added some scripts. I contacted my host and they tracked down a few more scripts.

They’ve been cleaned out and I have reset all passwords and they have taken some more precautions. This site may be down for a little bit as they do some behind the scenes work.

I want to thank everybody who took the time to send me an email or comment about the anti-virus warnings.