“The Rally to Restore Sanity” is Disablist Shit.

From the perpetually offended Shakesville:

Dear Jon Stewart:

“The Rally to Restore Sanity” is disablist shit.

That the politics in this country have become extreme, absurd, and increasingly dangerous is not a result of mental illness; it’s the result of ignorance and bigotry—and opportunistic fuckheads willing to exploit the same, without a modicum of regard for any consequences aside from their personal gain.

The “crazy” thing (see what I did there?) about your framing what is a legitimate threat to this democracy as “insanity” is that, because of the stigma against mental illness, the issue is being taken less seriously than it ought to be. These people aren’t nutty outliers; they are knowingly and deliberately and rationally complicit in a campaign to undermine both the credibility of the democratic process and the efficacy of the US government.