Cynical-C Contest (So Who Won?)

I will be announcing the Cynical-C contest later today for those who want to participate. I suppose you want to know what the prize will be. That’s just sooo like you.

The prize will be a used diary from 1940 that I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show for 10 bucks and a kind word (Hello).

I won’t say too much about it except that the previous owner wrote in it daily for the year. It could be Anne Frank’s lesser known diary or it could belong to an 80 year old farmer from western Massachusetts who wrote about that time a dog broke into the chicken coop and killed 17 pullets before Robert had to shoot it.

Good luck!

Update and WINNER!

For the three people who DIDN’T find the not so secret contest, I hid it in a throwaway post that only I would be interested in… and 231 other commenters.

So now it’s time to choose a winner from the comments. I’m using to draw the winning commenter. So if you feel cheated, blame them. And the winner is:

Err! If I counted right that is. Congrats to Err and thanks to everyone who participated.