Question of the Day

What’s your favorite Stephen King book?

Stephen King was my gateway author. He bridged the gap from my pre-teen reading to adult fiction back around the 8th grade. I devoured everything he had written (this is back around 1987) within the school year. Whenever I’ve tried to reread any of those books nowadays, I don’t quite like them as much as I once did. I find too many flaws and plot holes. For example, The Stand is one of his most lauded works and the end of it makes no sense whatsoever… SPOILER WARNING I mean, the main characters who head off to Vegas to stop Flagg do absolutely nothing besides die as far as I can tell. Trashcan Man is the one who brings the Nuclear warhead to Vegas and Deus Ex Machina takes care of the rest. The main characters could have stayed home for Mother Abigail’s funeral and things would have still ended how they did. Even the spies they sent were completely useless except to illustrate that Flagg was not a fan of espionage.
End of Spoilers.

However, I just reread Dolores Claiborne (actually, I listened to the audio book which was one of the best I’ve ever listened to. That might be because the actress who read it, Frances Sternhagen, does an amazing performance) and think it’s one of Stephen King’s best works. And it doesn’t have any supernatural horror element at all. (Well, not one that has to do with this story in any case).

I need to reread The Shining and see how I feel about it now.