The Time-Travel Ad

From Backwoods Home Magazine:

It’s also been read by Jay Leno on his late night TV show, on National Public Radio more than once (including Car Talk), on (sans the P.O. box), it’s been printed on T-shirts, discussed on the liberal website, it’s been the subject of conversation in several online forums, and very similar wording has been used in some computer games. There’s even a ghost hunter, Richard Senate, a resident of Oakview, who’s looking for the author. On his website he says the ad appeared in a local paper in 2004. He states “Some have even walked the town of Oak View seeking…evidence of the traveler…” It keeps popping up.

Where did it come from? Who is the mysterious author? What was his intent?

Actually, it first appeared on page 92 of the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of BHM—and I wrote it.

Why’d I write it? What was my motive?

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