Billy Joel’s Daughter Overdoses on Homeopathic Pills

Which means there were no ill effects whatsoever.

Alexa Ray Joel, 23, was rushed to the hospital after taking several pills. Law enforcement sources said they were sleeping pills, but a source close to Joel said it was Traumeel, a medication used to treat minor aches and pains associated with repetitive sports injuries.

“Nothing would happen because there’s nothing in it,” said Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist at NYU Medical Center. “There’s no active ingredient. There’s nothing in these pills.”

Traumeel contains 12 biological ingredients, including several plants that are known to be toxic, and two mineral substances, according to

But homeopathic medicines are so diluted, they often end up not even containing the original ingredients.

“So basically you’d be taking more of nothing,” Nelson said, adding that he still recommends following the instructions on the bottle.

James Randi overdoses on sleeping pills before his TED Talk: