Question of the Day

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a subway?

The most common weirdness I see is either a drunk or druggie who grumbles to himself with an occasional shout for good measure. But that happens frequently enough that it rarely warrants a second glance if not at least a quick change of seats.

But besides that, I once saw a young guy doing chinups using the handrails while balancing a Mountain Dew bottle on his head while asking a girl for her phone number (he didn’t get it). The other one that comes to mind is two men and one woman wearing business attire came onto the subway at Harvard with manual typewriters. One was sitting across from the other two who also had plenty of space between them. They started to type as the train left the station one of them had a smaller paper and would type something on it, ask a stranger to pass it to another typist who would then type something back to her using that same sheet of paper. It was like watching a pre-computer instant messaging conversation.