Mixed Messages

Regular readers of this blog know that a few weeks ago, I was alerted by google that my site had been hacked and there had been some obfuscated scripts added. I tracked them down and deleted them. Upgraded all software on my server and changed all passwords and a few other things. Google gave me a thumbs up and we were good to go.

A few readers who use Opera as a browser have reported that they’re still getting warnings that look like this:

A bit concerned, I clicked on the ‘more information’ link to see what Opera was objecting to and got this:

Wait, what does that say in the fine print:

Haute Secure has checked this site out and didn’t find anything which might be suspicious or dangerous.

WTF Haute Secure (just bought by Truste)?? You splash a giant red screen with FRAUD WARNING at the top when people try to get to my site and then when you go to more info you get a barely visible note saying that there’s nothing suspicious or dangerous on it? Mixed messages much?

There’s also no clear way for me to dispute it. I’ve just spent the last hour poking around trying to find a way to contact anybody to get an explanation why this site is still being blacklisted and have come up empty.

I’ve also spent another hour going through my server checking to see if there was anything suspicious and failed to find anything. So at this point I give up. I take internet security very seriously but Truste certainly isn’t doing anything to reach out to the site administrators that they’re so eager to blacklist even when their software can’t agree whether a site is malicious or safe.