Let’s See Your Mugs

Take a picture of your favorite mugs and send it to me at cc@cynical-c.com to share it with the rest of us Cynics.

I’ll post them tomorrow.

Update: Thanks to everyone who sent in a picture of their favorite mugs. I’m posting this to the top for the weekend as a thank you to everyone who submitted. Just click the link below to see below the fold.

From John who says:

My favorite mug from a pub in Luxembourg. Good times when Chrysler was still a cool company and I was able to travel as an employee with them.
Thanks for the opportunity to post, love the site.

From Radmila.

From Piri:

The bottom left and bottom middle are artwork I’ve done for my mother that she liked enough to make into mugs for herself and I. The bottom right is Bruce Timm’s Poison Ivy. The foreground is a bunch of Mandragoras from Final Fantasy 11 that I found at an import store. The rainbow is a hand-me-down that I think is actually from the 80s. Next to the rainbow is one of my two Nightmare Before Christmas mugs (the other one lives at work). The top level has some rendered cartoon pigs and says “Original” – this one showed up by mistake in one of my mother’s cafepress orders. She asked if I wanted it and I was delighted to take it. The frog in the background is not a mug, he’s a cookie jar and I love him.

From Stuff Your Face:

I love your site and really appreciate all your effort, but I really don’t think it serves you best to be posting about mugs. I am afraid you’ve lost a long time reader…for mugs?!?!

Before I go here’s my fav mugs.

They are terribly hard to clean and I’ve stopped using them after breaking both the blue meanies hiding in the bottoms.

Keep up the good work.

From Bibi of Bibi’s Box.

From David:

Purchased it at the Salvation Army store in Starkville, MS (aka Stark Vegas). I think it’s pretty sweet to have a Leica mug.

Keep up the great work on the blog, man. Don’t listen to the haters.

From Merinda:

My three favorite mugs. My Rent mug. Yes I like Rent. It’s not as important as the other two, but I wanted a size reference. In the middle is my dearly loved Nanowrimo mug, which holds a double portion of hot chocolate in November. And the end one is my “Texas-sized” extra large Alamo mug I got in San Antonio last spring break.

From Brian:

I gave my girlfriend this mug to help assert her position in our relationship. I notice that she uses it more after we argue….

From Matt.

From Sunset.

From Claire:

I have a mug designed by Piri too (she’s my sister). Like the mugs in her picture, she did this for our mom. You may be wondering what the rest says. Too bad, it’s a secret!

From David:

When I was an undergraduate, I had a research position at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Their theme that year was “The Grand Challenge Equations”: computation-friendly things like the Helmholtz equation and Rational B-Spline and the Partition Function. They made this mug with all of them on it, and gave ’em out to whomever wanted them, I guess. I don’t know why, but I immediately adopted a policy of extreme care for this mug. It has never been put in the dishwasher, thus perfectly preserving the intricate symbols, superscripts, and what-have-you, which are ever-so-slightly set into relief against the black ceramic. I’ve now had this mug for…Jesus Christ, 16 years. What the hell is wrong with me?

From Howard:

The last functioning loggers cookhouse. You must have a meal there.

From Björn:

Hi Chris,

I am from Germany.

Here is a picture of my favorite mug.
I am glad it has no asian character on it which actually says that I am an idiot and which I would be unable to read.
I love the handles – perfect interface.

From neagrigore:

a gift from my girlfriend to remind me about my long ears.

From Thomas:

Here are a few of my favourite mugs.
There’s a mini A&W mug full of marbles on the shelf in the background.
My personalized mug. Now you all know what the “G” in “GT” stands for. Meh.
The “Whistle for Milk” mug actually whistles when you blow into the bird on the handle.
The “Worlds Greatest Boss” mug is one I’ve had since I was a kid. The personalized bobble head inside it was a present from work; everyone got one in their own likeness. I used my expert MS Paint skills to conceal my identity.

Thanks for the fantastic blog, Chris!

From Bob:

Hey Chris
Here’s 4 of my favorite mugs. L-R:

Steamboat Inn in Mystic, CT. Neat (but expensive) little hotel right in
down town Mystic. Mug is nice and heavy.

Big ol’ mug

Hand painted with campers.

Thermos. Keeps it nice and hot.

I can’t find my QuantumLink mug (precursor to AOL) that I’ve had since
the mid 1980s.

From Christopher (not me)

This was left on my desk by it’s previous occupant. It quickly became my favorite

From Amanda:

I gave out polka-dot mugs as the favor at my Sweet 16. There were two left over – they travelled with me on my many adventures. Ten years later, one lives at home and one lives at work. The work one is used everyday and enjoys the company of a park ranger duckie.

From Karine.

From Angela:

My favorite include two designs of powells mugs, a kexp one ca 2003, and an “iMug” from a Dutch apple retailer.

From Harb.

From Karee:

I love my Tinkerbell mug because she’s sassy like me! I also love my mug that holds my pens, it was a gift from a boyfriend I had in the 80’s because the feet reminded him of me.

This is fun to see everyones favorite cup!

From Tre:

Size matters… and it’s about time for a refill.


From Sarah:

Hi Chris,

This is my best mug – St George slaying the dragon. The appreciative virgin is on the other side.

For reasons I can’t explain my athiest parents sent me to Catholic school. The only thing I really enjoyed about all of the religion was the often bizarre lives of the saints. A dragon? Really?

I love your blog, by the way. I gave my father an Ingersoll book for xmas and he really enjoyed it.

From Scott:

This mug is one of the greatest Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. I swear that it even makes my tea taste better in the morning. Plus, its a great advertisment for my favorite show of all time, Battlestar Galactica 🙂


P.S. This was a neat idea. Please keep up the great work!

From Justin:

Hope they’re not late.

Thanks Chris, I’ve been a cynic since 2005!

From John B:

See the mug attachment, a “Gertrude Stein”. Alice B. Tolkas sits on the handle.

Keep up the good work!

God bless, 😉

From EskimoNoise:

Here’s mine with the obligatory desktop detritus.
Hope you don’t mind but it’s such an awesome idea I borrowed (stole) it for a post over at SensibleErection to see what those deviants can come up with.
Keep up the good work!

From BThatch:

Got this mug at Disneyland for my twin sons (Quintin & Jacob) 1 year old birthday

From Jeff:

Great idea.

On the right is the mug I picked up more than a decade ago while working in an art materials store during undergrad years. It’s a cute play on the label of a well-known brand of acrylic paints. It has (very carefully) followed me across two countries, three states, and one federal district of residence. Used daily.

On the left is the mug that my mom sent my husband* and me for Christmas last year. It was an incredibly sweet gesture–a southern churchgoing farm woman putting together pics of my nuclear family with said husband* on a mug that declares, “THIS MUG BELONGS TO CHUCK AND JEFF.” The mugs came as an identical pair. Love you, mom.

*Restrictions apply: gay husbands currently illegal in California.


From Abbi Crutchfield:

A sea of wedding gift mugs (we were drinking cocoa from glasses) and the prize in the middle! We celebrated my husband’s 30th at Dave and Busters and it took him six hours to win this thing. I told him to stay away from the Deal or No Deal booth!

From Evel.

From Joe:

Greetings from an American expat in Cambridge, UK!

Sometimes I imagine having some In-N-Out strawberry milkshake from this mug instead of coffee or tea.

Keep on keepin’ on!

From Trace:

The pair of mugs are my faves. My daughter, age 3, made the “Mommy” one, Hubby has a matching “Daddy” one (she had some help with the writing). She even made the local paper for her painting. The Eeyore mug is my other favorite. It’s huge and I love Eeyore.

The other photo is my mug cabinet. I have TONS. I don’t know why I have so many. I just can’t bear to part with them. I guess if I had to be a hoarder in one area of my life, that isn’t the worst.

From Burk.

From Mike K:

Hey, Chris…
Here’s the only mug I have worth photographing:

-Mike K.

P.S. These “send in your photo” themes are fun. I’d like to see more.

From Books:

My 3 favorites:

My DDS coffee mug (I’m a librarian)
My kids
Eat and Park Steelers mug

From Rich:

Hi Chris,

Here is my most favorite mug! Marvin the Martian. Taken with my iPhone so not the best quality. I enjoy your site and visit daily during the week. Keep up the great posts!!


From Julia S:


I hope it’s not too late to send this! I’ve had this mug for more than 20 years. It’s spoken for me when I didn’t want to say a word.

–Julie S.,
St. Louis, MO

From Catherine:

Hey there,

Thought I’d share with you this little gem of a mug I picked up years ago at a Portland, OR Goodwill.


From Wendell:

The perfect cappuccino!


From April:

Hi Chris,
If you’ve room for another photo, here are my favorite mugs.

The one on the left was sent to me as a gift when I was an active moderator at TSR.

The one on the right was saved from the trash when we changed offices. A general alert was issued that all dishes in the kitchen were first come first serve for anyone who wanted to claim them. I liked the irony of drinking generic office coffee from a Starbucks mug. 🙂

Thanks Mark