Conan O’Brien on Twitter

Conan’s been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now and randomly started following someone.

Since @conanobrien announced she was his “random” Twitter pal designee, Sarah has been showered with presents and attention, going from three followers to 12,713 in 24 hours. Strangers have practically planned her entire wedding for her, and someone sent her a new Apple computer. That was Matt from the Florida-based company, Hornblasters, by the way, who came to the rescue with an I-Mac when Sarah’s Webcam malfunctioned and it looked like she was going to have to cancel an MTV News interview via Skype Friday night.

When Show Tracker first contacted the very cute Sarah, she wanted nothing to do with us. She had interpreted our post about her as “negative” and she sent a polite but firm “No, thank you” to us. Then, when she realized that Show Tracker has been Twitter Tracking Conan, his freckles, Sharpie, Taurus, Monkey, Squirrel, and Beard, she saw for herself that Show Tracker is basically insane but harmless and she felt more at ease. As she told us, “People will try to take you down and I’m trying to avoid that.”