Photographic Evidence that Obama is a SOCIALIST

A blogger takes a tour of the White House and finds Obama’s secret library open to the public stocked full of a book about The American Socialist Movement.


I feel for the Obamas on this one. I had to stop giving tours of my library when a blogger for Atheism NOW! found an embarrassing volume on my bookshelf.


Oh. The blogger had to update his post when he found out that those books have been there since that pinko Jackie Kennedy placed them there in 1963.

Beware of Schools Bearing Laptops with Webcams

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?:

The Superintendant of the Lower Merion School District — where parents have initiated a class action suit over the covert use of students’ laptops to surveil them in school and at home — has sent a letter to parents with more information about the spying. The school admits that there was spyware installed on students laptops that allowed for remote, covert activation of their webcams, but maintains that the measure was only to be used in the event of theft of the machine (some had speculated that the school was only able to surveil students’ hard drives, and that the images of a student engaged in “misconduct” in his home that a vice-principal confronted the student with had been taken by the student, intentionally, and stored on the laptop’s hard-drive, from which it was retrieved by the school administration — this now seems not to have been the case). The school also claims that the system can only capture still images, not audio or video. They have disabled the system for now and deny that it was misused.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks Jesica for sending in a photo of her two cute predators:

These are my two little angels, Weasley and Baxter. Despite what it looks like in the pic, Baxter (in black) is super sweet and lovable while Weasley (named after a family of devious yet lovable redheads) is the true devil cat… Weasley has an urge to be famous, so I thought I’d see if you would post them on your site!