The Vegas Disasters

From Richard Abowitz’s Gold Plated Door:

The economy has brought a lot of hardship on Vegas. But hiding with that excuse are those things that were clearly disasters from the outset. Sure blame the economy now, but even in boom times these were bad ideas:

1. Lake Las Vegas: An artificial lake built for rich people 20 miles from Las Vegas. The “lake” is bankrupt. The Ritz-Carlton is closing and so is the casino. Ponder for a moment why no one was laughed off the idea of expending hundreds of millions to build a lake to cater to people who what to live in a desert.

2. The Las Vegas Monorail: I have been going on about how the monorail was destined to fail since almost the day it opened. But Steve Wynn also must have had an inkling as his then being built casino chose not to linkup with a station of its own. Rider expectations that were laughable and officials who were arrogant and quick to respond to criticism with a blizzard of irrelevant facts, but never quite got around to giving me an interview to answer the unanswerable questions about financing. This fiasco is still unraveling.

His post names a few other things on the list. What kills me about the Las Vegas Monorail is how damn expensive it is. Five dollars for a one way ride? If you’re traveling with a friend it’s cheaper and more convenient just to take a cab. (Which is what we did most of the time last week) It’s a hike to get to the Monorail as it is. A cab will take you directly to where you’re going.