Nom Nom Nom

If anybody is wondering where I am, the answer is I’m alive, upping my cholesterol level with my first In n Out double burger ever. I screwed up the order though and meant to ask for my fries to be animal style and got the burger animal style instead. So, I fail at the secret menu. And I think that’s as basic as using the secret menu as you can get. Frackin’ Noob.

I made it out of Boston ahead of the weather (it wasn’t forecast to hit us anyway but once one city gets hit with a blizzard, air travel gets spotty) and spent 9 hours in O’Hare where I learned that an iPhone needs to be charged at least at least once every hour of internet use.

I don’t intend on updating the blog until I get back next weekend but I will be tweeting sporadically so if you want to contact me, that’s the best way to do it. (Over on the right.. near the contact info. There ya go)

See you next week.