You Can’t Please Everyone – Rocky

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Rocky:

This movie is just 2 hours of sylvetster stalonne rambling on about something or other(probally homosexuallity) and i for one was more impressed with rocky 3 cause it had Mr. T

The main reason why I gave this movie 1 star is because the showdown between Rocky and Apollo Creed at the end is very disappointing. I was expecting a big climatic boxing match, but I was appalled at just how boring and short it was. Rocky didn’t even win the damn World Heavyweight Championship belt from Apollo Creed because the referee stopped the contest too soon. Right before the credits at the very end of the movie, Rocky looks so retarded screaming, “Adrian!” over and over again. What a lackluster conclusion. I’ve heard people tell me how the climax of this movie gave them goosebumps. Well guess what? I didn’t get one single goosebump! The ending to this movie sucked! Nearly everybody else seems to think that this movie is just the greatest thing they’ve ever seen, but I don’t.

I bought this because of the fact that the DVD cover said ” Nominated for 10 acadamy awards!” This movie is aweful! 1 star is giving it too much credit. I love Sly Stallone but his acting was too painful to watch. I went to bed after suffering through the first hour. My wife informed me that it didn’t get any better. If this movie were to be released in this day and age, it wouldn’t have a chance!

This has got to be the worst film I have ever seen in my life. I cant believe that there is more that one in the series. I absolutly hated it. I have never liked a film with Sylvester Stallone in it. Have you seen his mother, You cant tell them apart when there standing next to each other.

I dislike all of the Rocky Movies. I’m sorry, but they are all mindless, and Sylvester Stalone is annoying, and can’t act. One star is giving this movie way too much credit.

I know many think this was a great movie but it’s not for me

Stallones accent doesn’t help either. Strange enough the sequels were far better. The problem with this film is that it drags too much.

Post-Underwear-Bomber Airport Security

Bruce Schneier:

In the headlong rush to “fix” security after the Underwear Bomber’s unsuccessful Christmas Day attack, there’s far too little discussion about what worked and what didn’t, and what will and will not make us safer in the future.

The security checkpoints worked. Because we screen for obvious bombs, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab — or, more precisely, whoever built the bomb — had to construct a far less reliable bomb than he would have otherwise. Instead of using a timer or a plunger or a reliable detonation mechanism, as would any commercial user of PETN, he had to resort to an ad hoc and much more inefficient homebrew mechanism: one involving a syringe and 20 minutes in the lavatory and we don’t know exactly what else. And it didn’t work.

Yes, the Amsterdam screeners allowed Abdulmutallab onto the plane with PETN sewn into his underwear, but that’s not a failure either. There is no security checkpoint, run by any government anywhere in the world, designed to catch this. It isn’t a new threat; it’s more than a decade old. Nor is it unexpected; anyone who says otherwise simply isn’t paying attention. But PETN is hard to explode, as we saw on Christmas Day.

Additionally, the passengers on the airplane worked. For years I’ve said that exactly two things have made us safer since 9/11: reinforcing the cockpit door and convincing passengers that they need to fight back. It was the second of these that, on Christmas Day, quickly subdued Abdulmutallab after he set his pants on fire.

To the extent security failed, it failed before Abdulmutallab even got to the airport. Why was he issued an American visa? Why didn’t anyone follow up on his father’s tip? While I’m sure there are things to be improved and fixed, remember that everything is obvious in hindsight. After the fact, it’s easy to point to the bits of evidence and claim that someone should have “connected the dots.” But before the fact, when there millions of dots — some important but the vast majority unimportant — uncovering plots is a lot harder.

Question of the Day

What song seems to stick in your head for days after hearing it?

I mentioned two days ago that “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder keeps playing over and Oh oh Oh ver in my head since I woke up to it on Monday morning. And it’s still there. Lingering. I can feel it all oooooooohverrrr. SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!