You Can’t Please Everyone – Pyscho

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Psycho:

This has got to be the worst movie ever. A plot about a guy that keeps his dead mother’s body around and kills people in the shower. Lame

I have never watched a horror movie so dull as the original black and white Psycho. Nothing in the film is scary and the soundtrack is repetitive and not extremely memorable. The acting is very mediocre and I would suggest the remake anyday. I’ll never understand what the big fuss is, the movie stinks. I’d choose Halloween anyday and It bothers me that people have the audacity to say Halloween is a remake or some kind of copy of Psycho. Halloween may have the character name Sam Loomis–but they are com-pletely different characters. It also has the daughter of Janet Leigh, but Jamie Lee Curtis is much more convincing and just because you the daughter of an actress, it doesn’t mean you do the same movies. Hello people, Psycho is merely a boring suspense film(they never show anything in full graphic footage) and I’d recommend Dressed To Kill(a Psycho rip-off made way better), Carrie, Halloween, The Guardian, and even A Nightmare On Elm Street anyday before this lame excuse for a horror film.

Hitchcock himself would never have been successful with this movie in the 90s. The truth of the matter is, people who say they love classic films over today’s films(eg. Casablanca, Citizen Kane) say it to give the impression they are intelligent film connoiseurs.

Well, I can’t state how much I feel this movie is too overrated and medicore at best. It isn’t scary and it is not exciting or violent. The story is very retarded about a man that fulfiles his position as his dead mother and keeps her body in the basement. Ohhhh, how interesting, this is exactly the kind of movie I’d want to show to my intelligent teachers or friends. Yea right. There are no good effects, the acting, story, B and W color, and sets are lame and the let’s find Marion sub plot is boring. No I am not one of those teenagers obsesed with blood or gore and FX, I apreciated the bloodless halloween and Rosemary’s Baby (and non-horror films)with interest and admiration. People are always raving that Psycho paved the way for horror movies of the eightess but the truth is that Halloween ignited the formula and copy cats. There wasn’t many horror movies in the 60’s or 70’s so how could Psycho cause this “formalic” version of horror movies. It couldn’t because it wasn’t formalic, it was just stupid. Anyhow, a story about killers were bound to come up forth with or without Psycho. And if you think the shower sequence was scary then i must ask you, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????????

This movie was so un-scary that the only reason it is a ‘horror’ film is the dishonor it gave to the name Hitchcock. All the ‘shower scene’ did for me was give me a roaring migrane with all that squalking and squeaking.

this is so stupid i could puke!a movie based on the exploits of ed gaines.hes also the inspiration for red dragon and some other silence of the lambs.hes the guy in texas chainsaw massacre.norman bates is only created from ed.norman runs this hotel and kills whoever comes there.his dead mom is in his head encouraging him all the way.he thinks hes a chick and even dresses up like one to kill.not for the kids unless youd like them to have aids.cross dressing and prison can both point you in the right direction if thats something youre interested not.f!2k that!its obviously a horror fact,theres the famous shower scene where he hacks this chick up in a shower.dont get your hopes up,theres no nudity,only a silloutte of the 2 bodies and tiny little spatter of was the most violent scene in the world at the time.

The only admittance I can muster for this video is that it was probably influential in its day. However, all the praise heaped on Psycho is basically garnered from that and has very little to go on, in reality. Nowadays, this movie looks incredibly homemade and, at times boring, especially during the parts where it is obvious Hitchcock is trying to build “tension.” Plus, it’s in black-and-white, which makes a movie look old right away. When Hitchcock tries to bring in the “psychological” element to the movie, it looks even worse, because it is dreadfully apparent that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Thankfully, someone decided to remake this movie, but that wasn’t very astonishing either, since everyone already knows from this movie what the story will be. Save your money and go to the theater to see any horror movie you want–it’s guaranteed to be more believable than this one.

I had expected a really good movie from Psycho because I had heard so much good things about it. I didn’t ghet what I wanted, because this film is just terrible. The way the camera was shot was stupid cupid, the director could of done soo much better, the acting was terrible, the music gave me a headache and the screenplay and special effects were silly and made the film boring to look at.

This film is so boring and in the shower scene it was obviously Bates the wig even from shadow was awful. SEE THE REMAKE FAR MORE ENTERTAINING!