What a $300 Massage Feels Like

VegasTripping’s report on the wallet-hurting spa at the new Mandarin Oriental in Vegas.

It was around 3pm. The concierge made a 4pm appointment for an 80-minute massage and informed the spa that I would be heading down (“down” to the 8th floor from the 23rd floor Sky Lobby). The elevator doors open and a young lady greets me with a deep bow: “Hello Mr. E. We’ve been expecting you. Welcome to the spa at Mandarin Oriental.”

They bow a lot here. And you instinctively start to bow back. And before you know it, the bowing gets out of control. It reminds me of that one Simpsons episode: “Now with 20% more bowing!”

I was seated in the gorgeous lobby and told to remove my shoes and hand them to my hostess as a “Chinese symbol of leaving all your cares behind when entering the spa.” She probably just made that part up. I was then given a brief form to fill out indicating health issues and specific areas I’d like my massage to focus on. Why other spas I’ve been to don’t do this, I have no idea. Having your therapist know exactly what you need beforehand so you can just lay at her mercy and melt away is nothing short of awesome.

My personal attendant arrives and greets me with delicious tea as I complete the form. He then takes me on a full tour of the facility. The locker area is a bit cramped, but you get a full toiletries bag (yours to keep) and an incredible, alpaca fur-lined robe. Amazing.

You’ll find the standard amenities of wet and dry saunas as well as a lanconium room (overheated dry sauna), experience showers, an “ice fountain” to rejuvenate between heated facilities, and finally, a hot tub with champagne bubbles.