Homeless by Choice

From Freesleeping.blogspot.com:

Glenn Campbell is this dude who used to work as a baggage handler for a major airline until he got laid off in September 2008. The good news: He can still fly for free anywhere in North America and Europe (for a while at least) without the inconvenience of working for it. The bad news: He has very little money and can’t afford hotels. The solution: He has become deliberately homeless, finding ways to live comfortably while paying little or no rent. When he is traveling, he sleeps in tents, hostels, airplanes and rental cars. When he’s not traveling, he camps on on a hilltop in San Diego. Along the way, he finds a lot of tips and techniques for comfortable homeless living anywhere. Turns out, you don’t need a fixed residence or a lot of money to be happy and healthy. It’s all about freedom, creativity, and finding clever ways to do what you want within the limited resources available.