What I’m Reading

Spoils from my most recent raid on the library. I went there for The World of Jeeves and bounced around different sections as books leapt from the shelves into my waiting arms.

Seriously, I really wish libraries had grocery carts. I started The World of Jeeves (the Jeeves stories are much funnier than I anticipated) and Enemy at the Gates (don’t tell me how it ends. I’ve got a good feeling about this Stalin character).

Are you reading anything good at the moment?

Christmas Tree Fire

Incredible Speed of a Live Christmas Tree Fire – PSA Video. PSA showing the incredible speed of a live Christmas tree fire. Fire spreads up the tree and gushes across the ceiling, setting the rest of the room ablaze. Smoke engulfs the frame from the top down until all is black. It’s a real eye-opener as to the dangers of a short in a string of Christmas lights.

(via Slog)