Woman ‘Godwins’ Her Home to Get Back at HOA

From CFNews:

At first Jones’ house appears to blend in with the quiet beach neighborhood.

Another look at the front though and it’s a different story. A red spray painted sentence splashed on the stucco reads “Hitler would be a welcome neighbor here. Stop the harassment to my family.”

Jones says she did it Monday night after breaking down under the stress.

“It’s an overrated trailer park. There’s a bunch of people with not much of a life, and they’ve decided to take it out on me,” Jones said.

Jones says for the past four years neighbors have sent her letters, e-mails and posted things about her at the pool.

The complaints are about the condition of her yard and cars parked in the road.

Jones said a letter she received in the mail Monday, calling her family worse than “white trash” prompted her to spray the house.

However, a neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, says the issue mainly has to do with them not paying their homeowner’s association dues.

I’m not entirely sure that spraying graffiti on your home about Hitler is the best way to counter a letter calling you “white trash”.