Singing ‘The Hokey Pokey’ Should be a Hate Crime


Some Roman Catholic churchmen, meanwhile, have said that the words “hokey pokey” derive from “hocus pocus” — the Oxford English Dictionary concurs — and that the song was written by 18th-century Puritans to mock the language of the Latin Mass. Last year the Catholic Church in Scotland, concerned that some soccer fans were using the song as a taunt, raised the possibility that singing it should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

So for those keeping score at home about Catholicism:

Singing ‘The Hokey Pokey’ = a Hate Crime.
Raping a child = job transfer to a brand new parish


Palin goes birther.

Sarah Palin Says US Should Rededicate Itself to God

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And Slate had a Write Like Sarah Palin contest. Here’s the third place winner:

“Reaching the peak of Igikpak, that majestic mount, feeling the smooth Alaskan wind rustle against my cheeks, watching over this vast yet tender land that epitomized so much of America’s resplendent pulchritude, and slowly squeezing the trigger on the wolf cub I’d been tracking through my crosshairs, I suddenly felt in my heart something I had always known to be true: the capital-gains tax must be eliminated.”

Charged With Felony After Taping 4 Minutes Of “New Moon”

From The Consumerist:

The Sun-Times is reporting that a 22-year-old Chicago woman has been arrested and charged with a felony after taping 4 minutes of “New Moon” during her sister’s surprise 29th birthday party.

Managers saw the woman taping and called the police, who examined the camera (a digital still camera that also takes short video segments) and say they found “two very short segments” that totaled no more than 4 minutes.

The theater managers decided to press charges, so the woman spent two nights in jail and faces up to three years in prison.

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