How to Go to the Zoo

From Curator:

Let’s get one thing straight. A zoo is not a theme park; it’s more like a museum.

I love the zoo. But here’s the thing: you don’t. Or at least, it seems like you don’t, the way you frogmarch yourself through the zoo, trudging crying children and panda-shaped souvenir soft drinks. The way you breeze past the beautiful, fascinating small creatures only to yell at the dumb, sleeping lions. The way you hardly stop, to look, to see.

I think you deserve better. I’d like to take a moment and explain a new way to go to the zoo. A better way. For you.

Here’s one tip I agree with 100%

Go early or stay late. Many animals are more interesting at dawn and dusk, so the earlier or later you can arrange your visit, the better. If you ever find yourself in Singapore, don’t miss the famous Night Safari. You haven’t lived until you’ve felt your way along a jungle path in utter darkness, rounding a corner and spotting a pack of hyenas in a pool of light twenty yards away, with no apparent fence between you.

I once went to Siegried and Roy’s Secret Garden at the Mirage in Vegas at dusk to kill some time. It’s not really a zoo but they do have quite a few white lions and tigers exhibited. Every single other time I’ve seen tigers at a zoo, it was during the day where they were lounging around and any movement from them, even a tail swishing, would make them seem overly animated. But this time the sun was setting and every damn big cat in the place was pacing, coming up to the fences and growling. It was the first time in a zoo that I can remember actually feeling a bit nervous. (Unless you count the time I was almost hit by flying feces at a monkey cage)