I Quit

At least for the weekend. I’m catching a cold and I’m fed up with struggling with this server. I’ve put in another support ticket with Knownhost so we’ll see what happens. If I wanted to spend all day fiddling with software I’d go back into programming and at least get paid for it.

Knownhost’s response:

We can see that the resource usage of the site cynical-c.comis very high in “WHM >> Server Status >> CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage”. The PHP scripts in the site increases the CPU/memory usage of Apache. Also the SQL queries of the site is resource intensive. We suggest you to contact the web application developer/community of the CMS used in the site to optimize the scripts.

Are there any wordpress gurus out there who have any tips. (Yes, supercache is installed) Or maybe it’s time to find a more wordpress friendly host.