Vid of Drunk Woman Coming Within Inches of Being Hit By a Subway Train

Video is here (LiveLeak which seems to always give problems if I embed) and here’s the story from

MBTA Orange Line operator Charice Lewis saw the passengers at North Station flailing their arms. At about the same time, her radio crackled with a warning that she should pull her emergency brake to avoid hitting a woman who had fallen on the track.

Lewis didn’t have time to think. She just did it.

The heavy subway car stopped just inches, if that, from the woman who had tumbled off the T platform Friday night. The woman has not been identified.

“It was so close, I thought it was not good,’’ Lewis, a 27-year-old train operator from Mattapan, said yesterday, recounting her emotions in the seconds after the incident.

“Afterward she came up with a big smile on her face and I’m like ‘Oh my God, you really scared me,’ ’’ Lewis said. “The most exciting part for me is she crawled out from under.’’ The woman had scraped knees but was otherwise all right. She told police she had been drinking for several hours before the incident. She was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for evaluation and treatment.