Rapture Ready Board Reacts to Obama’s Nobel Prize

The folks at Rapture Ready are concerned:

When I heard this morning about o’s glorification, I was terrified that the Rapture had occurred and I had done something to miss it. No way in a normal world would anyone give the prize to 0bama based on his record to date…I mean something weird had to happen, right?

But, I got on here, you guys are all still here, so either we messed up somewhere along the way, or we’re still waiting to be called home!

What has happened to the America I grew up in? Are we so far gone . . .that we won’t be able to come back? Sadly, that we are.

I had to slowly eat a couple of crackers to settle my stomach after that headline.

And what awful timing — while the dem’s are trying to ram HC reform through congress.

And on the heels of the 2016 Olympics debacle?

The timing was definately orchestrated very carefully.

Well he only has 3 yrs left if we can get him voted out other wise we will be stuck with him for another 7 years and 3 months and like 10 days LOL.. We can only hope Dr Orly Taitz can prove he wasn’t born here and has 39 Social security numbers if we can get that investigated and prove it true it could be less… Ok So I am wishing

This is a JOKE brothers and sisters, a complete JOKE! As each day comes and goes, I find myself having a very difficult time to continue praying for you-know-who. I find myself having to pray for our administration instead. I mean it folks. This man is so arrogant and all about his agenda that it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I will continue to pray for him as best I can for as long as this nation holds together, which most likely will NOT be long! PLEASE COME SOON LORD JESUS!!!!!

Well thinking back on all the scam emails I get from Nigeria and all of the money they want to give me cause someone I did not even know died, maybe, just maybe I should email them back. It may be true. Maybe someone truly wants to give me 18 million dollars, who am I to think it is just a scam? I mean look at Obama, he get the Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing, and Nigeria wants to give me a few million dollars, where is that email now? hmmmmmmm.

This should reinforce how close the Lord’s coming for us is. When I hear some headline like this it’s hard to keep a straight face. When the insane is sane, when evil is good. I hope that you guys realize ‘who’ really arranged this… To any ‘thinking mind’ this is a farce, a bad comedy, a bad joke come true. Satan has empowered him to mesmerize so many, with so little. Anxiously awaiting satan’s next accomplishment.