Harry Connick Jr. Explains to Australia Why Blackface Performances are Not a Good Idea

From the Seattle PI:

Harry Connick Jr. found himself at the center of a TV scandal Wednesday when he appeared as a guest judge on a popular Australian variety show.

The singer-actor became visibly uncomfortable when a group of doctors did a Jackson Five routine in blackface and Afro wigs on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. The man portraying Michael Jackson, however, was smeared in white makeup.

Connick gave the performance a score of zero and said if it had aired in the United States, the show would have been pulled off the air. While one of the other judges gave the performance a similarly low score, the other complimented the choreography and gave the group a seven.

The variety show’s host, Daryl Sommers, apologized to the crooner at the end of the program, noting that it was insulting to Americans. Connick agreed.