House of Leaves

Just started reading House of Leaves last night. It’s one of those books that people love or just can’t get past the first few pages.

I’m not sure what camp I’m in yet. (I read the Introduction last night before bed) I think I’m going to bail fast if it becomes too much work.


About 50 pages into it and I haven’t thrown the towel yet although I can see why some people hate it. You’re basically reading two stories at the same time with the narratives split on the same page. Add in the footnotes and it makes it a bit of a pain to keep up. It takes me back to choose your own adventure books where they would branch off into different threads, some of them deadends and you’d have to pick your way back.

Update 2:

About 100 pages in and the double narrative novelty is wearing thin. The only thing keeping my interest now is the Zampano narrative about the house that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (Oh, Dr. Who called. He wants his TARDIS back.)

I’m finding myself getting irritated whenever Zampano’s story is interrupted by the tattoo artist. Not ready to bail yet but the plane is losing altitude…. and those mountains up ahead are getting closer. I’ve asked Short Round to grab an inflatable raft just in case.