Question of the Day

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Or second thing if you’re like most people (like me) and go to the bathroom first.

Email for me.


I posted this in a rush so let me revise my morning ritual.
Wake up curse my alarm clock, the 9 minute snooze, my mother for having me and my grandmother for having her.

Get out of bed because bladder is about to burst.

Brushes bladder and relieves teeth. Or the other way around. It’s early damn you.

Go to my computer to check email and delete all comments on the blog that didn’t mention how attractive and intelligent I am.

Give in to Cynikitty’s laser-like stare and feed the little terror.

Jump in the shower and immediately thinks of several great things to write about that day.

Forgets every great idea I just had while toweling off.

Eats breakfast of dry honeynut cheerios while putting on clothes.

Looks at the clock and throws a bunch of things in my bag. Just random things on the table. I assume I might need them at some point.

Rushes out the door and promises to wake up earlier the next day so I’m not in such a rush.