My Favorite Part About Blogging…

comments like this where an irate reader thinks that they’re smarter than everybody else even though they can’t figure out who they’re actually yelling at. This one comes from the You Can’t Please Everyone series where I posted one star reviews of To Kill a Mockingbird from Amazon.

I thought it was a BRILLIANT book and I have pity on those of you who don’t have enough sense to appreciate it like it deserves. And it makes perfect sense – and even if it didn’t, people should enjoy the mystery of it all. Clearly you all have just come to harrass the people that do like the book, so wait until you have an argument that makes sense before you go shoving it under everyone else’s noses. No one wants to hear your negativity so don’t waste you time, thank you very much.

Psssst. The Amazon reviewers can’t hear you.