Derren Brown Predicts Lottery Numbers

From Channel 4:

Brown opened The Event Live, shown last night on Channel 4 to coincide with the draw, by saying he hoped to get five of the six numbers right.

For security reasons, his 10-minute slot was broadcast from a virtually empty studio with just two cameramen in attendance.

Brown stood with six balls he said contained his prediction, and a television set from which he showed the BBC’s National Lottery show to prove we are “absolutely live and in synch with the BBC”.

Brown told viewers that the BBC had a legal right to broadcast the lottery numbers first, which he said made him unable to reveal the numbers in advance of the draw.

(via Atheist Media Blog)


I had completely forgotten that Brown was going to air another show last Friday “explaining” how this was done and after reading the Guardian’s blogging of the explanation show, I wish I hadn’t remembered.

So that was the explanation: some deep maths harnessing the power of the crowd. With an odd bit about how you could fix the lottery if you had a lot of kit and an inside man, tacked on the end.
Given the hype, I think Brown possibly had to do better than that. A mathematician might be able to correct us (if you’re out there, and you think this works, do please come and say), but the general feeling on this blog is that it doesn’t stand up. Boo!

Can we get a group “Meh!”