The Obama Speech

The speech that has conservatives threatening to pull their kids from classes (Although I suspect that these are the same people who threaten to pull their kids from classes at any mention of Darwin, so the only surprising part about this is that people are surpised about this) has been released and it’s much worse than anybody thought:

The National Socialist program replaces the liberalistic conception of the individual by the conception of a people bound by their blood to the soil. Of all the tasks with which we are confronted, it is the grandest and most sacred task of man to preserve his race. This will not lead to an estrangement of the nations; on the contrary, it will lead for the first time to a mutual understanding. It will also prevent the Jewish people from trying to disintegrate and dominate other people under the mask of an innocent bourgeoisie.

Wait, that’s Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag on Jan. 30, 1937. Damn you Glenn Beck and your hypnotic watery eyes!

Here’s the ‘real’ speech.

After reading it, I can see why these Republicans don’t want their kids exposed to it. He talks about book learnin. Fucking socialist.

World Net Daily thinks that the speech might even be illegal:

And what Obama plans to do on Sept. 8 with a planned speech directly to students in public schools across the United States may even be illegal, according to Mathew D. Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel as well as dean of Liberty University School of Law.

“Obama has pushed his political agenda to the extreme by forcing himself on America’s children,” Staver said in a statement today. “Obama’s political agenda on healthcare and his expansive vision for government is being rejected by the American people. Now Obama is after our children, who, like some socialist members of Congress, have not read the healthcare bill. Americans do not appreciate the president’s attempt to use our children as political pawns in his game of chess. Mr. President, you must abide by the rule of law and stop this illegal activity. Our children do not belong to you.”

Parents are even breaking down on tv crying about this flagrant attempt to initiate an Obama Youth: