What Are You Reading

I’m wallowing in my annual late-August apathy where I don’t seem to be interested in anything. Which means I don’t feel like posting anything. I don’t even feel like reading anything. I just finished Clan of the Cave Bear (Which apparently, I’m the last person to read it. I didn’t even know it was made into a movie until yesterday) and now I have a bookshelf full of books to read and not one of them is calling out to me.

I spent most of July with my nose buried in a volume of Raymond Chandler novels. I think I read just about every Philip Marlowe novel out there including his short story collection, The Simple Art of Murder. After I had my fill of fedoras and main characters being sapped, I read a few Neil Gaiman novels. American Gods was first and was much better than I expected it to be. I then read his Neverwhere which I couldn’t finish. I think the problem was that American Gods was a much better book and it was difficult to read a story where the characters were barely developed and the plot was…. I don’t even remember what the plot was actually. So I went from Gaiman to Neaderthals and now I’m at a loss where to go next.

I’m thinking about reading The Lensman series which has been collecting dust on my bookshelf for a few years now. Not sure I’m in the mood for space opera. Anybody reading anything good?