Question of the Night

From Reddit:

Why aren’t the religious right fighting tooth and nail for the Public Option? I mean, they go ape shit all over protecting the life of a fetus; why not the life of a full grown human?

Actually, I’ve always felt that pro-lifers never really cared so much about the fetus but more about controlling the sex lives and bodies of women. People seem to forget that religion is set up not to help people, but to control people.

The Whole Foods Boycott

I’m not a big fan of Whole Foods so I haven’t been paying too much attention to the ruckus caused by their CEO’s op-ed against “Obamacare.” I will say that if you’re in charge of a company whose base consists of granola munchin’, organic-grass-fed-freerange-latte lappin’ communist-socialist-birkenstockist liberals drunk on soy and Eugene Debs literature, you may want to keep your conservative views a bit hush hush. It’s not exactly good for business.

Man Attacked Family Over UNO game

Completely understandable if he was down to uno and someone nailed him with a Draw Four card.

OREM, Utah, Aug. 18 (UPI) — Police in Utah said a man arrested for attacking his nephew and his wife was upset by a game of UNO.

Orem police said the 58-year-old man was in his home drinking and playing the card game with his 47-year-old nephew and the nephew’s 64-year-old wife at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday when he allegedly became agitated and smacked the woman on the back of her head, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Tuesday.