Yahoo! Answers Jeopardy

We’re going to try something new today. Yahoo! Answers Jeopardy. I’m going to take an answer from Yahoo! Answers and I need you to figure out what was the original question. Here is your clue:

The Pinhole god, maker of leaks and illegitimate Babies!

Answers must be in the form of a question. The first person who gets it right wins…. nothing because I haven’t ironed out the kinks yet. Good Luck.


Here were some of my favorite guesses:


“I jus found out my girlfrend iz pregnate but we used a comdom. she says she didn’t poke a hole in it, but who else could of?”


What in the book Cider House Rules by John Irving keeps the good doctor in business ?


I need a reason to not use condoms. Can you give me one?


Which god should I pray to so I can keep my man?

And the correct question is:

You Can’t Please Everyone – The Shawshank Redemption

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Shawshank Redemption:

Morgan Freeman ruins this movie with his horrible voice over and acting. If you want to see Morgan Freeman in a good role, see “Dreamcatcher”. That is an epic film.

I really enjoyed this movie when I first watched it, as I did most movies with Tim Robbins. I just wish that he kept his politics to himself and not used his celebrity to amplify them. Nothing wrong with free speech- but actors generally have more media attention than the millions of fans they have. When was the last time CNN asked you about whether you liked a candidate, or policy?

Anyway, Tim Robbins is a great actor, but I can’t get the image of him telling me how to think out of my head when I see him act now- and that has ruined a lot of movies for me.

I didn’t need to sit through 90 minutes just to see a guy going through a crap tube barfing up his guts. Oh, give that guy an Oscar. More like Shawstank Congestion. It’s like some twisted kinda Karate Kid who’s mute and has a sort of Southern Fried Yoda for a companion. But then he’s always barfing and swimming in poop. It gets disgusting and after a while you’re like I get it and why? for godsakes.

I’m sure no one’s disputing that The Shawshank redemption is a bad movie. However, I would like to go further, and suggest that Shawshank redemption is one of the worst movie’s ever made. For starters, it’s got Morgan Freeman in it. Morgan Freeman(this spelling may be wrong, but I don’t care) is a man of limited talents: he can play a guy hunting a serial killer, and sometimes the president, but when he tries to act he’s terrible. And you know I’m right.
Two: The film is really boring, goes on forever, covers a span of decades yet the cast never age(Morgan freeman should be dead by the end), has voiceover to explain everything, is really sentimental, everything ends ridiculously happily, he escapes in a stupid way, it actually contains the tagline “hope can set you free” and so on and so on.
Three: The film’s star, Tim Robbins, actually said it was awful. He is right and you are all wrong.

This paean to middle-aged scofflaws, attempts to persuade the viewer to side with rapists, thieves, and murderers. If Mr. Freeman didn’t want to imagine what it was like inside that pipe, then he should avoid viewing this waste of celluloid, I assure you it is 100 times worse. A rampant glorification of gynicide.

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