Dear Cynical-C

I get email:

Hi Chris,

I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I love it. I want to thank you for being such an outspoken voice on atheism. I want to ask you if you ever go to any atheism meetings or if you can recommend any in the Boston area.


Thanks Mike. To answer your question I had to think long and hard to find out how bored I would have to be before I went to an atheist meeting. I think perhaps if my wife was out of town, my friends all died, my cat had really bad diarrhea while all the electricity went out leaving my tv and computer useless and if Amazon had come into my house and removed all the books in my personal library because of some copyright problem (leaving a refund in my Amazon account of course) and if all my musical instruments were broken along with the disappearance of every writing instrument and paper product and the closing of all music clubs, comedy clubs, cafes and if my telescope was useless due to all the stars in the sky suddenly going black I may be bored enough to go to an atheist meeting. Provided that it was close to my house. Although, after all that it may be wiser to go to a Seventh Day Adventist meeting.

Health Care Reform Protester Injured in Town Hall Melee Asking For Donations Because He is Without Health Insurance

No, this isn’t from The Onion. The teabaggers have erased any lines between parody and reality.

ST. LOUIS | Protesters are demanding justice for a man who was injured during fighting that erupted last week when audience members at a St. Louis-area aging forum began yelling about health care reform.

Backers of Kenneth Gladney, 38, of St. Louis, gathered Saturday at the offices of the Service Employees International Union for an event organized by the pro-limited government Tea Party coalition.

The group claims union members attacked the politically conservative Gladney at the event two days earlier. But members of the union, which supports the president’s health care plan, say Gladney initiated the fight.

The melee, which ended in six arrests, was one of several at town hall meetings around the country as Democratic lawmakers returning home faced resistance to proposals to reform the nation’s costly health care system. U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, a Missouri Democrat, organized the event in Mehlville.

On Saturday, Gladney sat in a wheelchair, his knee bandaged, holding a flag that read: “Don’t Tread on Me.” Others who gathered at the union offices held signs with a slightly different version of the message: “Don’t Tread on Kenny.”

Brown told the crowd that Gladney is accepting donations toward his medical expenses. Gladney told reporters he was laid off recently and has no health insurance.

(via Reddit)

Why So Socialist?

Considering that most conservative protest signs are misspelled, have poor grammar, and are written in crayon, this effort isn’t half bad. (And no, I don’t think it is racist. It’s intent is clearly to depict Obama as the Joker)

Of course, being douchetastic wingnuts with no foot close to the border of reality, they added the socialism tag at the end which renders whole poster nonsensical since the Joker is an Anarchist which is on the completely opposite side of the political spectrum.

Or did I miss the plot in the comics when Joker decides to terrorize the city until Gotham agrees to take over ownership of Axis chemicals at which point Batman runs for Governor of Alaska and quits half way through his term to prove how good he is at being a point guard in basketball?