b Says I Hate My Readers

I hate my readers. How do I know? Cuz b tells me so:

I’ve read your blog for 5 years and I like it a lot. But if you dislike blogging or your readers so much maybe this isn’t the best occupation for you.


Something tells me that you’re still angry at ‘Michael’ (I think was his name) for expressing his opinion of your Ingersoll quotes.

Either that or this is some demonstration of your general disdain for your readership.

and again:

You really don’t seem to like most of your readers.

and again

You shouldn’t get so mad at your readers. If they didn’t like your blog then they wouldn’t read it.

Isn’t b precious? I swear I could put b on a plate and sop him up with a biscuit. Rest assured b, I love all my readers as if they were my very own children whom I had to put in front of Obama’s Death Panels to get rid some of the not so bright ones (if you know what I’m saying).

Wait, does b think this is my occupation? Paging Dr. Emanuel